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A walk through Witham

Today, I went for a little walk through and around Witham to enjoy the sun and explore the surroundings, and subsequently got lost. It turns out you can’t stay lost in Witham for a very long period of time! I also noticed that, for a beautiful warm day in April, there weren’t very many people outside! Maybe because it’s Easter..

Anyway, a tiny selection of today’s walk below. More to follow soon.

Chrisje x


Lillies of the Sky

I realize I haven’t really been consistent with posts and stories, and I apologize for that. I’ve been enjoying the good weather, the blue skies and all the extended social curricular activities that come with that. On my way home a few weeks ago I saw these beautiful blossoms:

I walk past this tree almost every day, and unfortunately these flowers only lasted about a week, maybe a week and a half. The tree is now bare and only flimsy remains of the petals are strewn across the floor. What a waste!

Knowing the British weather, I thought it best to enjoy of the sun while it’s still out, which is why this is only a short post. I will try to post some new things soon!

Chrisje x

After a night at sea

The sea as seen from the sun deck on 23 March 2011 @ 7.30 am local time.

Due to a split second decision which resulted in last minute alterations to my trip to Holland, I found myself at Hook of Holland port yesterday morning, in stead of this evening. The sea had been perfectly calm, unfortunately not preventing my sea sickness, but most certainly keeping it under control. A good start of my holiday, to say the least!

Chrisje x

Uprooted tree

Yesterday I saw this uprooted tree on my way home.
You might not be able to see it in the picture, but that chunk of land & roots was huge!

xx Chrisje

A beautiful winter’s day

This picture, taken on a bridge in Witham, is the main reason I’ve started this new blog. The beauty, the serenity, the simplicity, together they took my breath away. Now, ever since I moved here [to Witham], people have tried to convince me that this town is ‘a sh*thole’, ‘a stain on a map’, ‘not worth it’s space’, but to be quite honest with you: I love it. Witham, to me, is synonymous to peace and quiet, to safety, to weekend, to calm.

A short introduction. As you could have probably guessed by my name, I am not an English national. I was born in the Netherlands, in a city in the county of Brabant, in the mid-south of Holland. I grew up in an unconventional yet loving family of four: my mum, my older brother, myself and my younger sister. My mum’s side of the family is rather large, with one aunty, four uncles, and their spouses and children.

I remember my mum being a lawyer and a writer. Therefore it should come as no surprise that I was brought up to respect the elderly, respect your superiors, but to never give respect to those who demand it. Another lesson learned very young in life, is to always speak my mind. My mum used to do this by actively contributing to the local newspapers by writing in, engaging in politics and reading up in encyclopidia.

Feeling very mature and confident in my abilities, I swapped my home country for England, to spread my wings, to make it big, to prove myself, to find a meaning in life. A year and a half on, I’m slightly surprised to find myself settled, not in London, where I thought I would find it all, but in Essex. It is here where I have been given a chance to prove myself, to find my way.

Every single day I find myself in situations, places, conversations I’ve never found myself in. Situations, to keep it short, that make my blood boil in anger, or make tears well up in my eyes from happiness. And everything in between. For a very long time, I have put this down as (inter)cultural differences, but with every new situation, it makes me see it is down to pure ignorance, stupidity, bias on one end, and heroism, bravery and intelligence on the other.

Apart from my daily struggle to make sense of [British] culture, my hobbies include reading, history, the arts, photography, cookery and travelling. These are the subjects I’d like to write about, obviously not limiting myself just to these.

That will be all for today, then. Thank you!

xx Chrisje