Hup Holland Hup!

Last Friday I went into our local 99p shop to buy some planting pots and garden feed for my strawberry plants. For some reason they are the only shop in Witham I know (except for the garden centre of course)  that have started selling these products so early on in the year. When I finally took my place in the queue, something caught my eye. To my surprise, I saw this:

Not only was I so surprised to see orange Pringles tubes in the 99p shop; they’re also DUTCH Pringles, to cheer on the DUTCH team during the last World Cup. How would they end up in Witham, of all places? And can you even still eat them? And also; Paprika is not considered a flavour in the UK, last time I checked. I’m slightly confused.

Suffice to say, it needed to have its picture taken, but I was somewhat hesitant about actually purchasing a tube or two. Maybe next time I drop in I might be convinced..

Chrisje x

  1. We actually found Pringles Paprika at the Centra down the street, haven’t tried them yet but I’ll let you know if they come close to our own paprika-taste when we do 🙂

    • How interesting – I wonder what the general opinion is over there towards Paprika flavoured items. I was told that here, they’ve tested the flavour for general crisps for a couple of months but was taken off the shelves because it didn’t do very well. I’m not too sure if they enjoy the flavour on Pringles more though.

  2. OMG how awesome is that?! I would probably go insane if I ran into some hahaha!!

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