Whoever says A…

I’m not sure if this is a saying that is known in the English language, but in the Netherlands we have a saying that goes a little bit like this: “Whoever says ‘A’, must also say ‘B’.”, meaning something in the lines of, once you start something, you need to finish it.

I notice that I have a lot of inspiration to write, especially when travelling or at work, but for some reason these thoughts won’t hold out until I get home, and I never seem to have a piece of paper on me to write my thoughts down. This makes it frustrating to say ‘B’ – to actually continue writing new posts.

Unfortunately, I’ve also noticed that my interest for the family tree is waning. I started off so small, just my own little family, working upwards, and now I’ve got 349 people in there and I feel I’m getting stuck. Slowly but surely, I’m running out of work left to do. If I want to continue doing this, I’ll have to pay a visit to the archives in the Netherlands..

This is what I started off with

Anyway, on a more positive note, I’ve received my welcome pack for my degree course, and I’ve started playing with it, and I’m dragging myself through the introduction on the course website as we speak. Unfortunately, most of this is watching podcasts of people introducing themselves, and little exercises to get yourself into the academic writing state of mind. I know it’s an essential part of the course, but I would rather watch films or play games. Hmm, that sounds familiar.

Another positive note (for me!) is that last week I bought a bonsai tree. It’s a 4 year old American elm and it is beautiful. Whenever the lighting is good, I’ll take a picture so I can share my joy! It’s unbelievable how much it brightens up a room by just standing there in its tiny grandeur. I can definitely recommend it as a refreshing alternative to flowers.

As a closing note I will leave you with a beautiful and inspiring picture taken by Victor Eredel. This is something that I like to look at when I need a little pick me up. You can view some more of his work here.

Chrisje x x

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