Happy Easter?

I’m posting this message and this picture after having had a discussion with some friends about Easter and how this holiday is about new life and birth, but also about chocolate and bunnies, which in all fairness don’t have anything to do with the religious feast at all.

I understand for some people this might be hard to swallow, but I’m honestly trying to start a discussion about the necessity of sweets and decoration to celebrate a religious feast. Obviously this is not meant as offence, as I’ve accepted quite a few chocolate Easter eggs myself!

The following image can be shocking for some, therefore I’ve added the link to the image and not the image. Please let me know what you’re opinion is.


xx Chrisje

    • karenstuebing
    • April 5th, 2010

    That’s a great photo of the chocolate eggs. I understand that Easter is the most important Christian Holy Day. However, I don’t find anything wrong with little kids having Easter Baskets. You can also teach them about the religious meaning as well. JMHO.

    The photo of the chicks on the other hand, while a great photo, is different. Giving away baby chicks is just idiotic. They grow up to be chickens or roosters. If they live. Again, JMHO.

    • Hi Karen,

      Thank you very much for your opinion and comment.

      The point is, I understand that Easter is the holiday of new life and Jesus, that is all fine. What I don’t understand is teaching kids this by handing out chocolate eggs and bunnies. You won’t hear me complain because it’s a beautiful sight in the shops and chocolateries, I would just like to know what the basic projection is to pick these objects to use them for celebration. Eggs is for new life, I suppose, but by not hatching eggs but eating them you’re basically preventing life from happening. And bunnies? How do they relate to new life or Jesus? Do you get what I mean?

      Obviously I’m not bashing any Christian holiday, or any religious holiday for that matter. I had this discussion with friends and I’m very curious to know the background and how other people feel about it.
      And what is JMHO actually?

  1. Very interesting discussion! We don’t celebrate the traditional Christian Easter in our household, but we do use this weekend to celebrate the coming of spring and the blooming trees, daffodils and return on the birds and other critters.

    I do have a soft spot for jellybeans though and I’m of course happy to see those on shelves as well this time of year.

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