My macaron adventure

This month’s edition of delicious. features some pretty pastel macarons on the front cover, as well as a quick and simple enough looking recipe on page 75. Reason enough for me to take the plunge and have a go, is what I thought!

I have to admit, if I’d be waiting any longer for good reasons to start tackling my ‘issue’ with the macaron recipe, I’d have accumulated enough reasons to NOT follow through. So today, when I woke up at ridiculous o’clock (8.20 am) and couldn’t get myself back to sleep, I decided to venture into the kitchen and get my ingredients out.

Looking back at it, I was naive. Meringues have never been my strong point – I’ve tried once, failed, never tried again – and I think that the fact that I’ve never actually had a macaron (shame!) has not helped either.

To make a long story short, I won’t bore or bother any of you with my massive failure – but my little chocolate flavoured rounds of joy were the colour of expensive dark chocolate, the consistency of chunky mud (I could unfortunately not recreate the so called ‘magma like consistency’ that was quoted in a few recipes) and tasted like brownies. Yes, nice with some peanut butter, but oh so far away from the meringue I was expecting.

I’m not yet defeated though. Next time I will try the basic recipe, no colourings or flavourings, to see if that will get better results. I’m not expecting massive changes, it could be that I’ve maybe skipped a step or haven’t read the recipe properly, so the only way forward is to keep trying!

Once were past this point, I can put into practise my ideas. I’ve noticed, for example, that there are no such things as cinnamon macarons. I do not know if this combination is impractical or just not tasty, but I absolutely love cinnamon, so I think cinnamon macarons are the next step. I will keep you updated 🙂

As for the (pastry) chefs and macaron experts there, does anyone have any tips for me for next time? Thank you.

xx Chrisje

  1. Hi, Chrisje. Thanks for stopping by Moonglow Gardens. Cinnamon Macarons is absolutely divine – especially since you love cinnamon. My son loves cinnamon as well and I made him The All American Pecan Macarons with Caramel Filling. I bet the traditional flour will work wonders paired with Fleur De Sel Caramel Filling (didn’t know how to make it at that time). Take care and keep in touch.

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