Little plans for March


Archive: Snow in February 2009

It has been ages since my last post. Normal life has picked up again, and my ever demanding job is beckoning once more. My first attempt was to write a post on how I struggle to find my creative spot in times like these (the so called ‘grown up’ life), having taken notepads and sketch books with my on my commute to and from work in the hopes of at least coming up with basics that I can later on expand into workable posts or pieces of art. I noticed that those methods do not work for me as it feels to me I’m forcing creativity, which is working against me.

So I’ve decided against writing a whiny post on ‘Why I can’t write’, or something similar, as I’ve found other ways of entertaining myself. One of them is my re-found passion for literature. I say ‘re-found’ because I haven’t had the opportunity to read properly in ages. The Metro every morning doesn’t count obviously.

Currently I’m reading The Winter House by Nicci Gerrard , which is about a terminally ill cancer patient named Ralph and his childhood crush Marnie, who meet up in a secluded cottage in Scotland after a mutual friend has informed Marnie that Ralph is dying and wants to see her. I’m 139 pages into the book and I’m surprised at the style of writing that has been chosen. Both characters tell you their side of the story, however Ralph seems to be telling his from his own thoughts.

I’ve also purchased a set of Terry Pratchett books, as they’re quite entertaining and humorous, something that is more than welcome before and after a hard day’s work. Especially these books are helpful as inspiration, as the man’s got a very lively, and may I add, consistent imagination.

And, as it is (almost) March again, I’ve got other events on the list. My little sister will turn 19 on the 2nd, and I haven’t bought her a present yet (shame!). Also my gorgeous boyfriend will celebrate his 20th birthday on the 15th, for whom I’ve decided to bake a big chocolate brownie birthday cake (sans the pink icing this year). Exactly one week later, our good and always amusingly sarcastic friend Nigel will blow out a few candles as well.

Actually, come to think of it, I could just take some pictures of the birthday cakes and foods, if I’m unable to find anything else to write about or to take pictures of. At the same time I could re-bake my revised recipe for Dutch Apple Pie and you can feast your eyes upon that beauty. Nigella – move over!

xx Chrisje

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