How sea lions turned me into a little girl

Yesterday I turned into a squealing little girl for a couple of hours again; we went to Colchester Zoo. I very rarely get to go to the Zoo, so when it’s finally on the agenda, I’ll go all out. Obviously unintentionally, because I feel quite embarrassed for running ahead of the group and taking pictures of everything and staring at animals with my mouth half open.

The party consisted of myself and my boyfriend George, his mum and step dad, his little brother and little sister, and our good friend Dave. I took quite a few pictures but I shall not be boring you with those (a small selection should do fine), and unfortunately I can’t show you any of the short videos either. After I’d uploaded them I came to the conclusion I will need to download a programme to convert the videos into something more suitable. Alas.

We had to walk through a tunnel to see the sea lions swim next to and over the tunnel; they were playing and fighting and jumping out of the water and back in. Just standing there in that tunnel made my little girl dreams come true. I wouldn’t have minded standing there for the rest of the day, just watching them do their thing.

I also very much enjoyed seeing the wolves (weirdly enough these were brown/ginger-y, and one was black. I expected them all to be black), the giraffes (I will have to try and dig up the photos from our trip to the London Zoo), the penguins (I cant explain this) and the fish (I’m terrified of them, but amazed at the same time).

At one point, I can’t remember if this was in the sea lion’s tunnel, or when we were watching the exotic fish, but Dave proposed us to go to an Aquarium, which I’m very much looking forward going to, even though we haven’t made any plans yet.

I was a bit disappointed after trying my hand on this zoo photography. The glass in the inside enclosures, and then the bright lights, seemed to get in the way a lot. Also the reflections in the glass and the fact that the animals move didn’t make it an easy task. I am not yet defeated though, hopefully we can go back in the summer, when the animals are mostly outside, and I’ll give it another go then!

As for the photo’s, I’ve deliberately kept the photo’s as I took them, no editing has been involved, and no cropping or resizing or cutting parts off.
Can I ask if anyone has got any tips for me, or good examples of animal or zoo photography?

xx Chrisje

  1. Always great fun to go to the zoo, no matter what your age is. I think your pics are fine. They may just need a little sharpening and contrast added like all pictures that come straight from the camera. If they are not what you had in mind, I think you should try zooming in a little more.. Don’tknow what kind of camera you have, but the real great zoo shots are almost always made with a telelens or superzoom camera.

  2. It looked like a chilly day out there. I am liking some of the angles you shot from, nice perspective. For SURE, a good zoom goes a long way to helping photograph animals in zoos. Depending on your camera, if you can get out of Auto mode and shoot in manual mode, you will have way more control over the lighting and your shutter speed, two elements that will go a long way in producing photos you’re happy with.
    I’m going to come back here when I have time to read your posts more thoroughly. 🙂

    • Fantastic, I’ll definitely have a go at trying the zoom then. I’m a bit averse to it as I’ve had bad experiences with it and I’d rather be up close and have a picture that could’ve been better, than a zoomed one that’s overdone.

      If you find anything else that you like, please do not hesitate to drop me a comment. Feedback is highly valued 🙂

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