Macaron madness!

Image from stardustandsequins

The last few days have been a nightmare. Ever since posting my latest blog about Paris, my mind has not been resting one moment. I keep thinking about going to Paris, going back to the Sacre Coeur, going to see all these fabulous places, and the worst of all: macarons!

Now, luckily, I know you can buy them online. Fortnum & Mason do them, they say (haven’t been able to find them online yet though), as do Laduree in Harrods, both in owning shops London. Then there’s the continental chip in the market, but I have so far been able to prevent myself from having a look there. It’s a macaron madness inside my head! The bright colours, the mouth watering flavours, the pretty boxes, and also, the exclusive price; thinking of every aspect of these gorgeous little rounds makes me want them more and more!

And the funny thing? I don’t think I’ve ever had one. Ever. The thought alone does the trick. My friend from work suggested to find a recipe and try and make them myself, but I don’t know what they’re supposed to taste like, or feel like! I can only recite what I’ve read. What they say they’re like.

So I’ve also been browsing trips and hotels for the Easter season. I think I’ve found a pretty nice looking hotel in the 18th arrondissement, pretty close to the Gare du Nord, pretty close to Montmartre. Sad little me has already checked the booking availabilities, the metro routes, and made a little plan to fill the days. My screensaver is the Eiffel Tower by night, the background of my phone is my picture of the Sacre Coeur, my ringtone the music from Amelie.

Unfortunately there’s only a few solutions: go to Paris. go to London (to get some macarons). watch Amelie. But I don’t think any of these options will make this feeling any less..

Oh I can’t wait for Easter!

xx Chrisje

  1. Oh my gosh, are we the same person?! Both dying to go Paris and London. Where do you live?!

    • Haha. I currently live in Essex, UK, but I have lived in London for about 3 months. Wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be, but I still have very fond memories 🙂

      • I am so jealous! Have you lived in Europe your whole life? What was disappointing about London?

      • Yes I have 🙂 I suppose you have lived where you live now your whole life?
        The disappointing about living in London was that I didn’t feel like I lived in London. I was living in zone 4 or something, but it was still busy 24/7, the weather was rainy and grey most of the days as I lived there in the fall, and as living there is so expensive I had to go to attend job interviews every day! I couldn’t go out and enjoy the city. Something which I CAN do now I live about 45 minutes away from London 🙂
        It evens each other out, really.

        So what is your area like?

    • claud
    • February 24th, 2010

    Eh, Chrisje, hoe zit dat met die enorm chemisch lijkende koekjes? 😛 Er zit gewoon een PAARSE tussen met LAVENDELSMAAK?!?! :-O Eh, is dat eetbaar?

    • Joh, Claud, ze gebruiken voor die kleuren vaak gewoon de natuurlijke sappen van een fruit, en indien dat niet sterk genoeg is, natuurlijke kleurstoffen.
      En Lavendel is eetbaar ja, heb je nooit gehoord van Nigella Lawson haar Lavender Cupcakes? Yummy! x

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